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    Japanese Retro Video Games

        Neo hardcore gaming experience

Video Gallery

Video game stores and arcade in Sannomiya Kobe. 

Astma - Body in Japan 

Japanese Arcade in Bazaar Town, Tanba City Hyogo,. showing video games pachislot ... 

Osaka video game area Den Den town Japan 

SNK Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket Color review 

Japanese video game console and games Wonderswan to Swancrystal from Bandai. 

Large Japanese supermarket Nishiyama in Sasayama Hyogo. 

Japan Kobe, walking from video game store to Hankyu train station 

Video game store in Kobe City secretly filmed. 

Japanese video game collection: Sega, SNK rarities Vol.2 

Japanese video game collection Sega, SNK, rarities vol.1 

Virtual Boy Commercial Japan 

16 Japanese Sega Saturn Commercials in a row ! 

Sonic Jam Commercial compilation 

Japanese Mega CD Sonic commercial 

GG Sonic The Hedgehog 

Arcade Action in Japan 


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