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Summer time retro buying in West Japan

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on June 14, 2011 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Been busy, really busy. Sales continue to be really good and the work is keeping me very busy. Been pretty hot here the last two weeks but has thankfully cooled down the last couple of days.

I ahve been getting in quite a bit of gaming lately, mostly PCE,CD ROM stuff but also some DC. wish i had more spare time, but you can't have everything. Quite addicted to Cyber Core on PCE at moment and also Daisenpu Custom on PCE CDRom. I do have "modern " console;, PSP and 360 but i don't use as much as the retro stuff. Funny thing is i get bored of most modern games quite quickly but there are always some retro games i always go back to even after 20+ years,

I have also been working hard to find new sources for games to sell and have been doing very well. This part of the job takes a lot of hours each week which are much more than many would realise. Average time spent sourcing games is about 15 hours but i have spent about 50 before which eats into time i can spend listing etc..

Better go, more work ahead of me today.

Playing- Cyber Core - PC Engine.

Watching- Mostly Sky CI channel.

Back Soon.



Summer in the Japanese retro land

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on June 1, 2011 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Summer greated us with a typhoon and a tree in the garden being blown down. Time for big electricity bills as i will be using the AC a lot of the time, still can`t stand the heat of the Japanese summers.

Been working very hard to source new games and i am indeed finding many rarities these days. The better the price i pay the cheaper i charge instore. Also been doing a of of private deals and now every month my outside eBay sales are higher than those on the site and long may that continue.

With better sales and of course a bit more cash in my pocket i am building up my own retro collction quite well.Always on the look out for decent 16 and 23 Bit stuff and my PCE collection especially is coming along nicely. After all this time into retro gaming and being here for so long, i still come across games i never knew existed.

Back to work, lots of packing to do.

Watching- various horror and Sci- fi retro films.

Playing - PCE - Shooters and puzzle games.

Back Soon.


Summer time again in West Japan

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on May 18, 2011 at 1:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Yet again summer hits and the hot weather gives me the usual problems. I am not a hot weather person and i am glad that Japan has air con almost everywhere. Travelling is pretty good here especially public transport which is clean, on time and apart from the bullet trains are cheap. already been having some trouble with sleeping due to the heat, hope this year isn`t like last year when thousands died from the hottest summer ever.

Will continue growing this site and spending a lot more time doing so. The webstore is becoming very popular and this is the right time to greatly increase the stock. 

Back soon


Japanese retro video games for the masses.

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on May 2, 2011 at 5:41 PM Comments comments (0)

The title of this blog is about my aims regarding retro. I aim to offer the best value in the world for retro gamers and also a great variety with a constant stream of new additions. Things are going to paln and all selling venues are doing well and repeat buyers are increasing all the time. I am putting in even more effort to find great retro bargains and pass the savings on to buyers. There are less retro game stores all the time as gaming becomes bland and predicatble with 3 major players none of which are real concentrating on the hardcore gamer. I suppose video games have gone the same way as popular music and movies, exploit to the max the current trend and put  creativity and inspiration in the background.

As others move away from retro and turn to the new "trendy" systems i will increase my stock and try my very best to show why retro gaming is the most fun and the best value.

Watching- The Running Man DVD.

Playing- Far too busy!!!!

Back soon gamers


Selling retro games is time consuming.

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on April 20, 2011 at 6:32 AM Comments comments (0)

As the title states i am very busy with my retro selling. On eBay privately and from this site business is booming. I ahve been very busy over the last few months thinking of new things to sell such as bragain bundles and also which games are best to sell on eBay or website. I have also checked up on which items sell best and try to make sure i always have in stock in the webstore and on eBay. The work slowly but surely pays off and i can work out ways to continually improve stock, give better deals and most important concentrate on the retro that most gamers favour.

The most important recent change is one enforced on me by ebay and its new max shipping rates and increases in fees. This means that heavier itme slike sticks, AES and consoles will hardly ever or maybe never sold eBay anymore, instead either on this site or by private deals.

Back to work now, onwards and upwards.

Playing; Dreamcast - Daytona USA 2001,

Watching; Comic Strip DVD Boxset.

Back Soon


eBay problems again

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on April 10, 2011 at 2:21 AM Comments comments (0)

As the title states there are more problems with eBay UK. Last week without warning category changes were made to video games and new maximum shipping fees were introduced. For retro games the maximum for games is now 3.50  and accessories 5.50 GBP.  These maximum amounts make it no longer vialble to sell heavier items suchs as AES carts, boxsets and joysticks. The increase in fees due to the maximum shipping fee and the introduction of higher Final Value Fees in May make eBay a much worse place to sell. Obviously the increases will be felt be the buyers as i think many now do as prices on eBay rise as of late, mostly due to eBay fee increases. Items no longer viable to sell on eBay are now being moved to the webstore and will be sold at a cheaper price.

I haven't been able to spend as much time as i wish on this site over the last week as i am revising and removing large amounts of eBay stock daily. I do get very frustrated  with eBay but i will make sure they lose out as far as i am concerned by selling more and more elsewhere.

Playing- Puyo puyo 4- Dreamcast .

Watching-  Ci Channel on Sky.

Listening - Hardcore retro.

Back Soon.



Radiation fears in Japan.

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on March 27, 2011 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Two weeks after the main disaster, we have an ongoing one with the Fukushima power plant.What is the truth? Is there a massive melt down happening or about to happen, or is i t all quite fine as some claim? Being a long distance away, i am do not have the fears of those close to the plant. many people though have moved from the area to this and other parts of Japan. A lot of foreigners have even left Japan. I will of course stay on whatever as i have family here and they cannot leave at this time.

I have had a large amount of support  from friends, family and customers and thanks to many who have bought from me from this site, eBay or privately, i have not suffered too much financial hardship due to recent events. life goes on as normal in this and most parts of Japan and i guess that is the best way to be.


Watching- Only Fools And horses - DVD's.

Playing - PCE - Gunhed, Paranoid and Image Fight.

Back Soon



Japan earthquake and tsunami chaos continues

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on March 18, 2011 at 5:02 PM Comments comments (0)

The chaos caused by the recent earthquake, tsunami and later nuclear power plant leaks continues. many people here are questioning the government response mostly to the radiation situation. The response to the quake and tsunmai was fast and handled much better than Kobe was.An earthquake was bad, but a tsunami and possible nuke meltdown are hard for anyone to manage well.

My sales of course fell drastically for a while, but after some promotion i managed to get some cash in. Thanks to all of those who have bought from me.

Went to Osaka on Thursday and things were are normal. Trains on time, shops full of food etc, but was more wuiet than usual. Hopefully the situation at Fukushima nuclear plant will be resolved soon. It is about 350 KM from here, maybe more and i doubt we will be affected. Business is as usual and i will continue with providing as good deals and service as possible.

Back Soon


Earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on March 12, 2011 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (1)

This week has of course been terrible for Japan. The earthquake and tsunami that have caused thousands of deaths have been world news. Here in Japan there is less panic and concern than i would expect. Where i am is untouched by the devastation yet with more aftershocks occuring hourly and nuke power plant problems, anything could happen.

Although Japan is a wealthy nation the situation is becoming a humanitarian disaster. Thousands are without a roof over their head, food or water and temperatures are unusually low for this time of year.essential foods are running out in some areas. Unlike the Kobe earthquake in 1995 the Government has been quick to respond and help those in need. Media coverage is of course intense though i usually find the information is more up to date from watching the BBC news channel or Sky News. I never realsied how bad thses disasters were until seeing almost at first hand, it is all rather shocking to say the least.

Many people have emailed and  i am gratefull for their concern. Business goes on as usual and 2011 has so far been my most succesfull ever and i hope that continues.


Back soon




Back with retro gaming gems.

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on February 18, 2011 at 5:11 PM Comments comments (0)

Been away from writing a blog for a long time. Had so many sales that i haven't had any spare time. Business is growing and becoming more successfull all the time. I intend to keep this going and keep bringing the cheapest Japanese video games to the world. The volume of slaes has increased massively on this site, also on eBay and private sales are at an all time high.

I am working to travel farer and wider to bring the best games online at the best prices. Seems like interest in  retro is increasing in Europe, especially for 8,16 and 32 bit systems.Long may the trend continue.

Since starting this site my sales outside of ebay are becoimg less and less relevant. The  less i have to use ebay the better for all of us.  Including listing , end of items  and paypal fees, i pay an average of 18% fees on each item. This is far too high for a middle man and totally undeserved.


Time to get back to work.


Playing - SS = Fighters Megamix.


Watching - Various Sci-Fi and horror films on UMD.


Listening - EBM


Back Soon gamers.



Japanese blizzards and nasty flu.

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on January 19, 2011 at 11:58 PM Comments comments (0)

The title says it all really as far as the last couple of weeks go. Had nasty flu last week that really knocked me down for a few days. Barely managed to keep up with the work, could only manage packing, no listing for a few days. Japanese cold and flu  medicines are very expensive and make being ill and extra burden. A simple pack of ibuprofen costs almost 10 times the price of the UK.

We had very heavy snow last weekend, on Monday we were even snowed in for a while which has never happened before. Forcasts are for another 2 weeks of cold weather, not looking forward to it, been one of the coldest winters in Japan ever recorded.

Still been trying to get as much gaming in as possible, had a bash on the Game Gear earlier in the week and have have been spending quite a lot of time playing the PSP. Been doing a lot of handheld gaming lately, something i neglected for a while.

Lots of work going on in the site and lots of sales from here and private outside of eBay, great, let's cut out the middle man.


Playing- PSP - Mega Drive Collection.


Watching - Movies on Sky Player.


Listening - Not a lot.


Back soon gamers



Making the best retro shop in the world

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on January 5, 2011 at 1:07 PM Comments comments (0)

The title says it all and that is why i am starting to do for 2011. As i am doing this website, eBay and nearly all other things by myself, it takes time. I have already started spending more time in picking and listing new stock in the webstore and making sure the prices are always the best. I am also growing the stock in my eBay store to provide more variety for buyers.

With X Mas over i can get down to the business of hard work and trying to locate more goodies to sell and some to keep for myself of course.

Weather has turned really cold here and we had heavy snow on New Years Eve and were snowed in for a day. first time the weather has been so cold for a couple of years and i am dreading my electricity bill, the Japanese companies charge a hell of a lot for power.

Looking forward to growing my collection and helping other grow theirs over the year.


keep the retro alive8)


Playing - PS1 Wipeout XL and Wipeout 3.


Watching - Various retro comedy shows.


Back Soon



Happy holidays in Japan

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on December 28, 2010 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (0)

It's that time of year again, when we over indulge in things otherwise known as Christmas.I have been very busy here doing the usual business of buying, selling and packing and also making loads of festive dinners. it is a lot harder to do than back home, i even have to order frozen brussel sprouts online and travel to Osaka to find a Christmas pudding.


Sales continue to be good, which means less free time, but is also good as no sales is the worse thing that can happen to me. Weather forcast here predicts snow later this week, we had a few flurries on Christmas day but nothing compared to Europe as of yet. Been doing some gaming when i have the time and hope to do some more over the next week or so.


I have acrried on listing as much as time permits on eBay and on this site and will continue to do so. I want to have about 2,000 items in stock in the web store and 1,500 on eBay. Takes time to do though, soon as i list things they sell quickly, the time consumed by packing and posting etc means it takes  a while to increase inventory.


Back to work, lots to pack.


Listening to; Sex pistols - never mind the bolocks.


Watching - various films (mostly sci-fi).


Playing - The King of Fighters 2000- dreamcast.


Back soon



Hard work, not a lot of play in west Japan

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on December 12, 2010 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The titke says it all really. Been working very hard lately, mostly through listing on this site and eBay. As it is coming up to the festive season i think i should have a bit of a rest. I haven't had much time for gaming lately as sales continue to come in.

Winter still hasn't hit this part of Japan yet. get a bit of frost some nights but no snow and pretty warm in the daytime. We get a lot of snow some years here and as i live at high altitude snow tyres are essential.Miss the feel of a British Christmas time, mostly from seeing people and the nice grub, do my best with what is available here but it is never the same.


Maybe this is my shortest ever blog, but i am so busy i must go.


Playing; PCE- Gunhed.


Watching - Various Sci-Fi and Horror films.


Listening - Front 242 - Masterhit.


Back Soon.



Osaka gaming and junk food trip

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on December 4, 2010 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Been away for a while because i have been so busy with the business which is still doing well and a special thanks to all customers old and new. Went to North Osaka on Thursday and had a nice trip to Costco where i loaded up on a trolley full of good ole American food and also some lovely large potatoes so i can have my favourite meal of jacket spuds and sour cream and chives. Went to some game stores on the journey and picked up some nice gaming items for eBay and this website, some of which i have already listed.

Unlike in the UK and some parts of Europe we are not having sever winter weather, temperature reached 18 Centigrade on Thursday and on Friday 23 Centigrade in Tokyo.

Have been gaming quite a lot again, probably done more gaming this year than i have since about 2002.Bought a great little handhald Famicom player called a Poke Fami Light which playe Japanese NES games and can be linked to a TV. I love these type of gadgets and they can often be found at quite a cheap price over here.

Back to work, the Christmas rush will start soon.


Watching - Various UMD movies.


Playing - Sega Rally revo - PSP.


Listening - Various European electronic music.


Back Soon



Gaming in the Japanese winter wonderland

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on November 18, 2010 at 1:18 PM Comments comments (0)

Back again with winter weather arriving and also some great new arrivals to the webstore. As we arrive to the end of the year i need to make sure i have enough decent stock to list because the New Year especially is very busy and i do not like travlling in packed trains and having to wait in huge queues in the shops. Of course i will be working everyday and  business goes on as usual. 

Christmas in Japan is very different than in most countries. In the first place many  Japanese do not understand what it means and there is no Christmas dinner, (nearest thing is a big bucket of chicken and chips from KFC), people work as normal on the day and the celebratyions if any take part on Christmas Eve.

 New Year is another matter though, this is the time for massive celebrations, family metings , holidays and slap up meals. Until a deacde or so ago the shops, banks and everything except some conveinience stores were claosed fot about 7 days. You had to stock up all your grub, make sure you had enough cash, everything was at a standstill.

I will try and take some photos and maybe a video or two to post here at the time, if i have time of course.

I will get back to work now, a bit to list and a lot to pack, it never ends....


Watching -  Gamer


Listening -  Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth - Japanese ver.


Playing -  Dangerous Seed - Mega Drive.


Back Soon




Growing the video game retro site.

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on November 6, 2010 at 3:27 PM Comments comments (0)

Been busy growing this site and also my eBay store. Took a new video and added to the site, this will be the first of many videos planned. Also have been listing a lot of new items and really trying hard to offer a diverse amountof retro items. Bought some great items on Thursday, some of which i have already listed on this site and many more to follow. I have been making a huge effort to bring a more variety of items to the webstore. Some nice consoles and accessories are my next things to add.


Far too much trouble with more bad buyers on eBay. seems very strange but obvious really. My regulars seem to have no problem with my items, but those with bad or no feedback have lots and make many idiotic claims on Paypal and eBay, which i often lose, even after giving adequate proof. eBay is becoming agood place for bad people to scam sellers and i wish ebay remembered that it is sellers who pay their wages and of course the greedy shareholders.


I'm back here soon.


Playing- PC engine - Metal stoker.


Listening - Front 242 - Geography.


Watching - Quatermass And The pit.



Paypal scam artists

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on November 3, 2010 at 9:48 PM Comments comments (0)

Just a short bit this time. Been feeling really angry about a large amount of Paypal scams, mosty from Germany. The worst example is this; A buyer pays for item and 12 hours later makes an item not revceived claim.  The payment was removed from my Paypal account and if i had sent buyers items would have lost 30 pounds and my items. How they allow this to happen is beyond me.


Trying to sell more and more outside of eBay and it is working. Selling a lot directly from my Facebook page where i can show my latest best items to FB friends. Saves me time from listing and better value for buyers as eBay middle man is cut out. Hoping for at least 50% of sales to be outside of eBay by the end of the year.


Off to buy more games....


Watching - Q.I on BBC Iplayer.


Playing - Virtua Racing Deluxe - 32X


Listening - Various.


Back soon



Retro gaming heaven in West Japan.

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on October 23, 2010 at 2:19 PM Comments comments (0)

Back after a bit of a break. Been so busy that i haven`t had time to write a blog. I have been so busy selling, packing and buying and increasing my stock that spare time has been at a minimum. Been putting my 360 to pretty good use lately, mostly racing games, which are my favourite on modern machines, am also a fan of shooters of course and plan to buy some soon.

Weather is much more suited to me at present, pretty cool and at last no more air conditioner. The last summer was the worse i have even experienced as far as heat goes, never again i hope.


Been building up stock in webstore and on eBay and am currently increasing stock in both by approx 20%. We need to grow to have a greater variety of items and at the same time increase sales so we can ensure a high enough turnover to continue providing retro at the best possible prices.


Sadly retro game shops are closing down rapidly herer and it is getting harder and hrader to source certain retro items.  When i first came to Japan in 1994 there were 22 game shops selling retro games in the central Osaka game district. On my last trip there were only 6, compare that with 10 a year ago and we can see a disturbing trend. I have to travel further and more frequently to find good stock , i hope the downloading trend stops soon and people start to value physical items like before.


Back to work.


Watching - 80`s Horror and Sci-Fi films.


Listening - Front 242 - Moments.


Playing - 360 - Fatal Inertia and PGR 3 mostly.


Back soon.



Japan is only good for one thing. Retro! Retro! Retro!

Posted by japaneseretrovideogames on October 10, 2010 at 10:19 PM Comments comments (0)

Back again after an extended stay away due to illness. Well, didn`t feel too great but still managed to do quite a lot. Bought some great retro bargains which are currently being listed in the webstore and am doing well in keeping up with sending pais items promptly. Now i am doing almost all work on the website and on eBay i am so busy, but it is all going well and i am loving it. Especially enjoying making all my new friends on Facebook who i`ve met from trades on eBay and this site and also some of their mates. Things are looking good, which of course means i can get more gear at better prices and give even better deals, everyone is a winner!!!


Finally got a new console, a 360 with a  few games. The console doesn`t sell well at all over here, so i can pick up some decent games at  nice prices. Unlike the trend these days, i will not sell of my other stuff and forget them, all new items are merely a compliment to my collection.


Having rather pleasent weather where i am don`t feel like an unlucky lobster placed into boiling water. Mich better for me and my dog gets better walks.


This site has been going for 2 years now and popularity goes from stength to strength. I thought for a bit that this wouldn`t be viable but lately sales are so good i can hardly cope, which is brilliant. I will continue my one man crusade to keep retro video gaming going for as long as i am alive and thanks to all those who kept the faith.


Playing; PGR 3 - XBOX 360.


Listening - The Whip - Gothic Compilation.


Watching - New Tricks on BBC IPlayer.


Back soon